Jul 292021

No longer ‘theories’ but facts, the ‘Covid’ conspiracy and the ‘stolen election’ conspiracy have now been documented and verified by objective means. And with these facts, the ‘great awakening’ begins to accelerate at a pace not yet seen – which also accounts for the acceleration of the conspirators who insist that every person on the planet must be injected with their experimental ‘gene therapy’ posing as a vaccine.

The greatest evidence of the ‘great awakening’ is not to be found in plain sight, but in the massive resistance against so-called ‘vaccinations’ now directly being challenged by the conspirators themselves.

“It never occurred to me after three highly effective vaccines were developed in under a year, that we’d have difficulty getting Americans to take the shots,” lamented Republican In Name Only (RINO) Mitch McConnell, “but that’s obviously where we are.

“These shots need to get in everybody’s arm as rapidly as possible,” he insisted, “or we’re gonna be back in a situation in the fall that we don’t yearn for, that we went through last year. The way to defeat getting back into the position we were last year is to get vaccinated.”

Every word of this of course is an outright lie, since getting ‘vaccinated’ (by something that is not a vaccine) is completely irrelevant to the openly planned future of perpetual lockdowns and never ending ‘booster’ shots already scheduled to be distributed throughout the coming years.

The only way to get back into a position even remotely seen as ‘normal’ is by defeating the political pandemic of ‘communism’ – to use the exact term with which President Donald Trump describes America’s crisis.

While those on the Left will always find Trump offensive, the reality is that Trump is ‘on’ the offensive, as has been vividly illustrated in the series of current rallies attended by tens of thousands. Indeed, it is difficult not to notice how his recent speeches heavily reflect the supposedly discredited ‘Qanon’ narratives.

Coincidence or not, the good news is that Trump ‘gets’ it. He understands that the nature of the conspiracy – a political conspiracy he describes as out-and-out Leftist communism – is what must be defeated.

As more and more indisputable facts about the stolen 2020 election and the ‘Covid’ conspiracies emerge, it can no longer be ignored that the LEFT is merely an acronym for Lunatic Elitists For Totalitarianism whose ultimate goal is also LEFT: a Life Ending Fascist Tyranny.

In contrast, the ‘R.I.G.H.T.’ stands for what is Right, for Individualism, for the Good, for Happiness to be pursued, and for the Truth that also must be pursued to make it all possible. These are among the values that are Just Right, and always will be.

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