Sep 142021

Marc Emery has been an advocate for personal freedom for almost 40 years. He is the People’s Party of Canada candidate in the riding of London North Centre.

At a PPC rally in London, Ontario he spoke about the inefficacy of the Covid-19 “vaccinations,” Justin Trudeau’s response to the burning of Canadian churches, and the decline of Canadian freedom.

  6 Responses to “Marc Emery—PPC candidate London North Centre”

  1. I’m only afraid that the Canadian election will be stolen, just like the American presidential election was.

  2. Hi, former Bernier supporter Alex Hunter in Pickering. The last election wasn’t stolen, and it wasn’t rigged, the liberals simply stacked the deck. I have tried numerous times to contact Bernier to suggest a battle plan that would have had enormous gains for him . However, he and others in the PPC have never answered me. Well, here we are again with another leftist win. Only this time it’s permanant. Canada will never again see another PC government much less PPC. By the time the next election comes around there should be another 3 million or so more non whites in the country, and if there is anything I have learned from (these people as Don Cherry said) it is that they don’t give a man about issues, they vote LIBERAL, case closed. The leftist movement which is worldwide and of which Trudeau is a member has one goal, the destruction of western civilization. See the video by Denis Prager on that subject. Also, see the video ” Joe Biden promises an unrelenting stream of non white immigration. What needs to be done is for all parties other than the liberals to unite and make the masses aware of the leftist agenda. Stop attacking Trudeau, he is no longer important and there is no beating him anyway.

    • It would be a blessing if whites in Canada grow some balls. Trump called Trudeau meek and timid, unfortunately that seems to be the Canadian way in general. In France Macron tried to slip in a carbon tax. The yellow vests put a quick end to that tax grab. Trudeau did it as well, only he got his way. There are many things we could do to make things better but not by always being meek and timid. Nowhere was that more evident when the injustice was done to Don Cherry. All those years I heard Cherry praise the tough Canadian hockey players, After the leftists pulled that crap on him not a single one of his tough Canadian hockey players stood up for him. Had one team gone on strike and demanded his return the leftists would have caved. But that’s just not the way it’s done in meek and timid Canada. God, what a bunch of losers we’ve become,

  3. Not stolen, just a stacked deck

  4. The leftist movement is a greater danger than Trudeau. The leftist agenda calls for the destruction of western (white) civilization. The key player in this movement is the Neo Marxist party of America, AKA, the Democrats. In Canada the Marxists have pretty well reached their goal. What we should now focus on is the unification of all the other parties in the country and start speaking with one voice just as the left does. We should demand an end to the over the top violence on TV. If Violent movies are going to be shown then they should not be before 9 P.M after small children are in bed. Why do we always sit back and do nothing about serious matters. Trump called Trudeau meek and timid, but then, that IS the Canadian way.

  5. Looks like you guys are not interested in my comments, I thought this was a right site, looks like more leftists.

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