Feb 242022

In the name of ‘peace, order, and good government,’ Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unleashed a wave of ‘violence, chaos, and fascism’ by authorizing what was essentially an all-out military attack on peaceful Canadian citizens in Ottawa last week.

What’s important to recognize is that it matters not whether his declaration of the Emergency Act stays in effect or its cancellation is announced. The reality is that the state of emergency is a permanent one, simply by virtue of the fact that such powers even exist in our ‘free and democratic’ society.

In fact, the state of emergency over Covid has never been rescinded, as governments from coast-to-coast have entrenched their now permanent fascist powers to declare lock downs and mandatory ‘experimental’ injections on whim. And many jurisdictions are still under declared ‘climate change emergencies’ that all their politicians to violate fundamental rights and freedoms.

Indeed, ‘freedom’ itself continues to be the main target of our fascist media and governments, as they have amplified their propaganda campaign to redefine the word ‘freedom’ to mean, among other epistemologically criminal things: ‘violence,’ ‘racism,’ ‘misogyny,’ ‘lawlessness,’ ‘intolerance,’ and even ‘repulsiveness.’

“The protesters’ definition of freedom has a repulsive stench around it,” writes editorialist Albert Dumont in the London Free Press on Feb 16/22. Why? Because freedom implies that people are free to choose when it comes to what they have injected into their bodies. Like so many writers in the media ‘mean-stream’ of lies and insults, he should be ashamed of himself.

Another shameful editorial in the same paper and on the same day was penned by Raywat Deonandan, described as an epidemiologist and associate professor with the faculty of health science at the University of Ottawa. Without saying so directly (“…the actions of those who choose not to vaccinate… affect the rest of us.”) he falsely accuses the vaccine-free for being responsible for the ‘transmission’ of the ‘Omicron virus,’ which is not even a health risk in any way. (Just listen to what Bill Gates himself admitted about Omicron last week!) However, by citing fictional ‘risk’ factors – without any evidence or authority – Deonandan feeds the continual fear propaganda geared towards justifying the violation of everyone’s freedom of choice.

These are but two – among thousands – of similarly shameful editorials and letters to the editor that have been explicitly condemning the idea of freedom and rights in various public forums. Shame on them all.

Those who love freedom must be made aware that those who hate freedom are all around them. Through their own unjust and hateful judgements of anyone who loves freedom, the fascist media and those who express fascist views openly invite the judgement of those they judge. We are happy to oblige.

Shame on all the variant fascists – for their lies, for their evil ideologies, for their openly expressed hatreds and irrational fears. In addressing these lies and hatreds, demonstrating the shamefulness of such views is but one way to judge them that’s Just Right.

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