Mar 032022

It is often said that “truth is the first casualty of war.” But it may be more accurate to say that war is a deadly consequence of truth’s absence.

Our guest Salim Mansur seems to confirm this latter perspective. In citing the crisis in Ukraine, he notes that “we are in the midst of the fog of war” a fog caused by the false view of Russia and Ukraine promoted in the fake news media.

It is difficult to overstate or exaggerate the absence of truth in the state-funded ‘mainstream’ media about what is happening in Ukraine today.

Indeed, truth’s absence is that media’s ‘elephant in the room.’ From viral pandemics to climate change, to the police action against the Ottawa Freedom Convoy, to the stolen American election, to Trudeau’s tyranny, to mandated lockdowns and injections, and now to the events in Ukraine, every state media account presents an intentionally false narrative.

That’s because all of these things are connected: the same people initiating these events are also the same people paying the media to keep us distracted and misinformed about their own corruption.

Salim connects the dots between key events leading to the situation in Ukraine in a way that lifts the media’s fog of war to reveal a picture precisely the opposite of their narrative.

Sadly, understanding the situation in a way that’s Just Right is not particularly re-assuring, which may account for why so many people make truth a casualty even in times of peace.

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