Apr 072022

In 1995, Canadian historian Joe C.W. Armstrong published his monumental work: Farewell the Peaceful Kingdom – The Seduction and Rape of Canada, 1963 to 1994. In retrospect, it is an alarming account of Canadian politics made all the more so by its chilling 1995 prediction perfectly describing the Canada of 2022 and beyond.

Consider what was written on page 2 of the introductory chapter: “Increasingly it is evident that technocrats will be the only ones with great wealth while the bulk of humankind sinks to a level of slavery previously unknown. In his trenchant work Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology, Neil Postman writes:

“’It is to be expected that the winners will encourage the losers to be enthusiastic about computer technology. They will tell them that their lives will be conducted more efficiently. But discreetly they neglect to say from whose point of view the efficiency is warranted or what might be its costs…’”

Although there was no way for anyone in 1995 to be aware of terms like ‘Agenda 2020’ or the ‘Great Re-set,’ we have already witnessed the technocratic elite encourage us to be enthusiastic about “owning nothing and being happy.” And they’ve also announced their high-tech plans to conduct our lives more efficiently via their patented injections and ‘vax’ passports.

Even then, it was certainly not a flattering picture of Canada that Armstrong presented in 1995. For example:

Canada is not a democracy. It is nearly a totalitarian society, frighteningly close to a dictatorship. The proof is overwhelming.”

Canadian sovereignty no longer exists.

Canada’s demise is certain. There is so little love of individual freedom among the majority of her citizens that her destruction is unavoidable now. Freedom is never debated here. It is taken as a given. That assumption alone will destroy the country.”

“After ten years of struggle to document what has happened, I find myself far more disillusioned with the general populace than I am with Canada’s leaders.”

Every one of these observations – now made explicitly clear to a majority of Canadians – applies to Canada in 2022.

While Armstrong did describe the necessary condition to preserve freedom, (“it can only exist in the heart and soul of each citizen devoted to preserving it”) he lamented that “most people in this society have no idea what personal freedom is…

If Armstrong’s analysis of the state of the Canadian nation is anywhere near as accurate as were his predictions, Canadians fighting for freedom today may be fighting for a lost cause – mainly because they’re outnumbered by Canadians fighting against freedom. Under these circumstances, Canada’s state of tyranny is a done deal and has been so literally for decades, thanks to Canadians themselves.

But the plot thickens when one realizes that this state of affairs is not uniquely Canadian, but global.

Of course, no matter the past, history is always in the making. For those who value freedom, the challenge is to culture a love of freedom that will find its way into the hearts and souls of others who have no idea what personal freedom is – by first placing it into their minds.

Maybe then the country could be put on a path that is Just Right, assuming it isn’t too late already.

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