May 052022

“I’ve been offside with public opinion,” confessed Ontario’s MPP Randy Hillier in announcing his decision to withdraw from Ontario politics early in March. Concluding that Ontario is being ruled “by the mob,” Hillier cited the sad fact that it was many members of the public “who encouraged our government to take these excessive (Covid) measures to allay their fears.”

As someone who had recently planned to form his own Ontario political party to field candidates in the June 2 Ontario election –now under way – the reasons for his decision to entirely withdraw from the political arena are chilling and warrant everyone’s attention.

“I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no political solution to what ails society,” Hillier lamented. “The only way back to a free country is if we re-engage with the public and help shape public opinion – help people understand the value of freedom.”

Hillier’s advice is right on the money. As Ontarians head into the 2022 election, there is a level of hostility towards freedom greater than at any other time in the nation’s history. Electorally, this does not bode well for any candidates or political parties calling for freedom, but at the same time it demonstrates the need to “shape public opinion – help people understand the value of freedom.”

It seems self-evident that before winning freedom through the ballot box, it must first exist in the hearts and minds of voters themselves. Less evident is the price that must be paid to make this happen. It requires those who love freedom – more than they fear losing elections – to use electoral opportunities to campaign for freedom even against the odds.

As things look right now, it may be a long time indeed before conditions in Ontario are Just Right to result in freedom through the ballot box, but it’s always the right time to put freedom ‘on’ the ballot.

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