Jun 092022

The sudden absence of the state-funded media’s news coverage and commentary on the Uvalde Texas school shootings was telling. Following days of news reports that were completely contradictory with each subsequent report, the coverage suddenly stopped.

However, what did remain consistent with each day’s news update were calls for gun control and for the disarming of the nation. But then even those stopped, following revelations that the proper and legal use of guns could easily have prevented the unnecessary deaths of 19 innocent school children.

Sadness and anger over the events as they appear to have transpired at Robb Elementary School can be overwhelming. The utter incompetence overtly displayed by authorities overseeing the shootings has led to serious speculation that there’s much more than ‘incompetence’ at play.

Indeed, previous mass school shootings are being closely scrutinized and it appears that they all seem to have certain disturbing elements and patterns in common. To put it bluntly: Were calls for gun controls a consequence of the shootings, or were the shootings a consequence of the gun control agenda?

It’s a disarming narrative, either way you look at it. And ‘disarming’ is certainly the best way to describe the phenomenon of mass school shootings in a way that’s Just Right.

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