Jul 282022

There may be a variety of reasons why so many people are unable or unwilling to answer the question: “What is a Woman?” But after reviewing Matt Walsh’s documentary of the same name, one might be left with the impression that we are on the brink of civilization’s collapse.

The degree of confusion, fear, terror, hostility, evasion, and even indifference that was encountered at the mere asking of a simple definition tells a story far greater than any particular specific word in question. Worse, among the few who did offer their definition of “woman,” the answers were subjective and incorrect.

Of all the words in the English language, one would think that the word “woman” is about as innocuous as it gets. But not so. What by definition and by every rule of language is a binary concept distinguishing male from female has become a political and epistemological battleground on which concepts are being destroyed along with the ability to communicate.

However, reality exists, and every functioning human mind is “hardwired” to that reality, a connection that persists even in the attempt to deny or avoid it. The creation of definitions that do not correspond to reality or reason has been the primary political weapon of the so-called “trans-gender” community. Theirs is a misguided campaign against the reality that men are men and women are women and that that distinction is always a binary one.

Since the purpose of concepts is to identify elements of reality, a mistaken or false concept can lead to dire consequences, including even death. Just ask anyone who has had the misfortune to lose loved ones or suffer serious physical injuries all because the word “vaccine” was fraudulently being used to describe known to be harmful gene therapy injections.

It should not be surprising then, that those who operate on false and incorrect definitions feel threatened by words like “truth” or by the reality that there is only one reality. It also should be clear that those who purposely create false concepts to suit an agenda can not be seen as merely mistaken or misguided; they have “transformed” themselves into agents of evil, making truth, reality, and any words describing them their most feared enemy.

Awareness of this feared enemy is a consequence of an understanding that, even trans-logically, getting definitions Just Right is always the first step on the road to truth.

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