Aug 182022

The precedent-setting FBI raid of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home occurred only days after his CPAC convention speech, wherein lies the real story that needs telling.

Having clearly anticipated the political raid, Trump’s safe was empty before FBI agents broke into it. His security system recorded the inappropriate activity of agents while in his home. And all the while, Trump had been insisting that the documents and records the FBI claimed it was looking for should be made available to the public.

To understand why the FBI and deep state are so fearful of Trump, one has only to consider his political agenda, made clear at the CPAC convention.

After describing “America on the edge of an abyss,” Trump called for a “crippling defeat” of the “radical Left socialist lunatics,” declaring that “we have to shatter the corrupt Washington establishment once and for all.”

Vowing to “drain the swamp” Trump declared that “It’s time to clean house in Washington: expose exactly what they are doing, what they’re hiding, who they’re silencing, who is funding it all, and who is coordinating it.”

Clearly, Trump’s political enemies are terrified because they know that he is capable of carrying out this agenda.

Trump has captured the narrative, and the “radical Left socialist lunatics” have lost theirs, which is why they may even become more desperate and dangerous.

As the persecuted protagonist in the greatest American story ever told, Trump has known all along, that unless the narrative is Just Right, America’s story won’t have a happy ending.

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