Sep 012022

Multiple authoritative sources confirm that the so-called “Covid vaccines” clearly destroy the body’s immune system. That is all the injections do and that is enough, once it is understood that they are a bio-weapon and not a vaccine.

The product of an evil but brilliant strategy, this weapon kills millions without anyone even noticing. The Vaccine Holocaust is practically invisible. Were it not for our ability to communicate with each other as individuals through social media and other public avenues, we might still be unaware of it.

That’s because those getting sick and dying all have different symptoms that arise at differing times and rates. Unlike a single bomb or explosion that kills large numbers of people in a single instant that captures the public’s attention, this “event” occurs in slow motion over time.

The latest statistics are alarming to say the least. Terrifying projections suggest that within a few years, the West’s population may be decreased by an average of 70 percent, representing those who received an injection. The real question now is whether or not these dark projections can be avoided, or whether the damage has already been done.

In the face of all this evidence, many people are finding it impossible to reconcile Donald Trump’s continuing “support” of the vaccines with his war against the deep state. Paradoxically, outside of this single exception, Trump has been on the Right side of the Covid issue since the beginning, and has never once called for mandatory measures to be taken in any regard. So what gives?

Whatever his reasons, Trump’s attitude, persistence (and transparency!) on this point suggests that something else is in play – perhaps a strategy that he is as yet not prepared to share publicly. Given that he is well aware of how his own support base strongly opposes the injections, it remains to be seen how this apparent contradiction might be resolved in a way that is Just Right.

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