Dec 292022

When it comes to Canada’s reckless and unconscionable support of waging war in Ukraine, every party and politician currently in Canada’s parliament is “all for war and supports Ukraine,” observes our guest Maxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC).

For Canada, there is no justifiable reason to be involved in the Ukraine conflict. Yet all Canadian politicians share a delusional narrative that supporting Ukraine and waging war with Russia is somehow fighting for democracy and self-determination. Nothing could be further from the truth, which is precisely why censorship and media propaganda play such a large part in their war.

So when Maxime suggests that the conflict in Ukraine is “not our war” that is not to say that Canada is not involved in a war of its own. He understands that Canada’s real war is between the Canadian people and their political elite. It is the war to win the minds and hearts of Canadians themselves, a majority of whom according to official polls, have been convinced that the delusional narrative being advanced by our fake news media and our fake democratic politicians somehow reflects reality.

Ironically, having propagandized enough of the public with their false narratives, Canadian politicians are now justifying their support of war based on polls reflecting their own BS. So it should not be surprising that when the PPC released its factual and thoughtful position on Canada and the Ukraine War, that the silence from the mainstream media and all of the political interests pushing for war was deafening.

However, one thing came through loud and clear. Canadian politicians and their parties are utterly devoid of principles or conviction. Continuing to describe the Conservative Party as “morally and intellectually bankrupt,” Maxime’s apt description is equally applicable to the rest, making the PPC Canada’s only opposition party to the war for which the rest lust, and the only party in Canada that is Just Right for Canadians.

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  3 Responses to “791 – “Not our war” | Maxime Bernier”

  1. Hi Robert, I beg to differ PPC is the only party that is right for Canadians. Libertarian Party of Canada (LPC) has been advocating for individual rights to life, liberty and property since day one for over last forty years and will not support Canada’s participation in senseless wars. I feel it’s just not right to give such an opinion without having an audience with Jacques Boudreau leader of LPC. Cheers.

  2. Russians are paying 1/3 what we are for food and fuel despite the fruitless sanctions. Rebel News reported last week.

  3. I believe max is the right one for our country.ive done alot of digging the last 6/7 yrs and there has just been a fee minor things here and there.not much..most he’s already spoken up on long ago and still will not turn away from questions.his answers flow make sense.who is perfect anyways.its the ability to acknowledge and never happen again.the cpc and pierre poilievre ii don’t even know where to begun.the secrets and lies are so obvious and are right in front for all too see.issuesvand things makes speaks about alot he is the same he spoke of as a cpc he took what he believed in and left the cpc.he stuck it out for about a year and a half but the final straw was when scheer told him they would never use any of his ideas.the cpc have their own agenda.i could right a book right now.the cpc party will get us where the establishment want us to be no matter which way they spin it.trudeau and the libs is in your face evil and piere poilievre and cons are nice to your face but behind your back look out.2 faced liars as all hell.cant even get pierre to acknowledge the sdgs which is the UN/WEF goals.he will not acknowledge the climate paris accord him and cons voted yes too.he will not acknowledge that him and cons voted fir the environmental act admenment which in that act co2 is a pollutant and the act gives stephen guilbeault superior powers.dont even get me started on ukaraine.i could just go on and on and on

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