Feb 022023

As the world considers a possible nuclear confrontation over Ukraine, we find ourselves on a path of history that too few comprehend. It is in this vacuum that many engage in predictions and expectations utterly disconnected from the continuum of events driving the forces of history. Of course, there is always a risk in any attempt to predict future events, given how history has repeatedly cast aside many even very reasonable predictions.

It is with this understanding that our guest Salim Mansur, before looking at the road ahead, looks back at the road not taken, and imagines a possible future (our present) that might have transpired had the West chosen the “road less traveled” as Roosevelt intended following World War 2. In so doing, Salim prepares us to face our next major fork in the road of history, in the hopes that we do not again become victims of a “repeating” history mired in perpetual wars.

Driven by the “deep state,” America’s transformation from a constitutional republic to an empire has ironically made America weaker, not stronger. After all, empires depend on two things that do not exist: eternal allies and perpetual enemies. In attempting to sustain these fictions, empires eventually collapse; America is now standing at this fork in the road of its history.

Indeed, turning Russia into a “perpetual enemy” may prove to be the American Empire’s undoing. History has repeatedly demonstrated that not only is this false, but that Russia has been an ally to America during America’s darkest hours – including even the American civil war (another historical vacuum in the minds of most). And freedom’s debt to the Red Army in the last world war “can never be repaid” when taking into account the disproportionate millions of Russian lives lost in the Second World War.

The choice now facing America is whether to take the road less traveled – back towards being a constitutional republic – or to continue down its current path of perpetual war and empire building
. Though never a certainty, odds are that the road less traveled will be the one that proves to be Just Right.

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