May 252023

On the heels of Tucker Carlson’s recent revelations about the UFO phenomenon – in particular the number of military deaths attributed to encounters with UFOs – it’s easy to understand his frustration when he asks: “How is this not a major story?”

Carlson says that the US government has known about UFOs (unidentified flying objects) since 1945 and earlier and has observed that the “federal government has been tracking this and lying about it.” Which pretty much explains why it hasn’t become a major story, and why he asserted that “the media are part of the control apparatus.”

The phenomenon of governments who lie to their citizens via the mainstream media has certainly become a recurrent theme spanning a myriad of issues and events. Fake news stories encompass Covid, climate change, “woke,” vaccines, the Ukraine conflict, the stolen American election, the state of public health care and the economy, the threat of nuclear war, and more.

In the face of these very serious issues, UFOs certainly seem to be an esoteric concern at best. But if even a fraction of what is now being revealed holds true, the implications could be enormous. And according to UFO documentarian James Fox, more revelations about the phenomenon are about to surface.

Significantly, both Fox and Carlson (and many others) are convinced that UFOs are crafts driven by non-human intelligence, and note that encounters with humans are on the increase particularly around military nuclear facilities. This has led to the theory that UFOs are really military advances in technology, a theory which emerging evidence seems to refute entirely.

It’s the stuff of which science fiction is made, perhaps suggesting that this form of art imitates life in more than subtle ways. Even so, for most of us, UFOs remain alien to our daily experiences.

Thankfully, this suggests that so far they do not appear to be an immediate threat or concern to humanity, despite the reported tragic deaths associated with specific encounters. But as humanity becomes a threat to itself, it appears that some UFO encounters have unexpectedly demonstrated what appears to be a concern for our well being.

When it comes to the UFO phenomenon, we may never arrive at a complete understanding of what is Just Right, but in light of recent revelations, it’s certainly becoming easier to eliminate the narratives that have been just wrong.

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