Jun 152023

Being labeled “right wing extremist” still seems to paralyze many on the Right into submission – to the Left.

In reaction, some attempt to dismiss both political labels of Left and Right on the grounds that there are no distinguishing differences between Democrats and Republicans, long identified as being the Left and the Right. Unfortunately, in so doing they have blinded themselves to the enemy while also preventing themselves from using a valuable label in the war of ideas.

Yes, it is true that Democrats and Republicans are essentially the same – because both are on the Left (collectivism), not because the labels of Left and Right have become obsolete. In fact, these labels are needed more than ever before. It is ideas and ideologies that determine what is Left and Right, not political parties or organizations.

Left and Right represent opposite polarities on a political compass that is essential to pointing us in the Right direction towards individual freedom. The necessity of having such a political compass is beginning to dawn upon those involved in various political discussions. As they attempt to explain how we have “suddenly” found ourselves living under tyranny, they discover that all roads lead to the Left. However, they have not yet communicated that individualism and freedom are to be found exclusively on the Right.

The Left has long been operating on a well-organized ideology which, though irrational, has been successful for the lack of any effective rational ideology responding from the political Right. That’s because many on the Right have mistakenly dismissed ideology itself as simply being a manifestation of Leftist intellectual and moral dysfunction. For those on the Right, this is tragic because it is important for the Right to be seen as the polarity that represents an ideology based on reason.

As well, it must be understood that the Left cannot be appeased, debated with, or otherwise engaged in any civilized democratic process including elections.

The Left behaves irrationally because its ideology (Marxism) is irrational. There are now even peer-reviewed studies emerging that suggest Leftist ideology is a form of mental illness. Of course, this has long been obvious to those who have understood the Left in a way that is Just Right.

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