Jul 132023

The desire for peace is a bit like the desire to become rich and famous; both are ends, not means.

When President John F Kennedy delivered his June 10 1963 “Peace speech” at American University in Washington DC, he was promoting a means for peace that was in direct conflict with the ends of America’s military industrial complex. And this, suggests our guest Professor emeritus Salim Mansur, is what led to Kennedy’s eventual assassination: “The murder of Kennedy was a victory for the deep state.”

Kennedy’s speech was delivered sixty years ago, when America narrowly avoided a nuclear confrontation with Russia (the Soviet Union). Today in 2023 the same threat between the same two super-powers is being played out on the world stage for all to see.

However In retrospect, we now understand that in both cases America was the provocateur, given its earlier placement of nuclear missiles in Turkey and its current threat of doing the same in Ukraine. Small wonder that Salim believes “America has morphed into the leading rogue state in the world today,” and that John F Kennedy was a man “ahead of his time.”

With Kennedy’s assertion that “Peace and freedom walk together,” it was clear he understood the relationship between means and ends in a way that is Just Right.

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