Jul 202023

In his assessment of what has caused the West to morally degrade into a self-inflicted state of nihilism, our guest Salim Mansur cites two different “nuclear” developments, one concerning nuclear weapons, the other concerning the nuclear family.

“Developments” occur over time, and require both hindsight and foresight to be seen. This demands an understanding of history combined with philosophy, two disciplines that have been abandoned in the vacuum of today’s WOKE culture.

Disinterest in history is a symptom of a nihilistic society, explains Salim. As the West sits on the precipice of nuclear war, the question arises which of the two “nuclear” concerns is the greater – the explosion of a nuclear bomb, or the implosion of the nuclear family. As we learn, these two themes are very intertwined, representing both a consequence and a cause behind our culture of narcissism – a “death culture.”

Most significantly, unlike America’s opposition to the Vietnam war during a time when America imposed conscription, opposition to war in 2023 in relative terms does not exist (thanks to the fact that Richard Nixon ended the draft during his presidency). This would suggest that the so-called “protesters against war” were less against war itself than they were against being forced to participate in war.

As the popular 60s-era war protest song “Where have all the flowers gone?” lamented, it sadly appears that it may yet be some time off before the answer to that question is understood in a way that is Just Right.

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