Aug 242023

In Canada, Ottawa detective Helen Grus is currently being subjected to an official disciplinary hearing due to her investigation of nine cases of sudden infant death syndrome that led her to question the vaccination status of the mothers involved. Following the release of Pfizer’s own published data confirming that breast feeding when vaccinated could lead to the death or injury of the babies, her follow-up was in every respect consistent with all expected initiatives that would be undertaken by a police officer specializing in crimes against children.

Astoundingly, observers at the hearing have not only concluded that the process is corrupt and thoroughly unjust, but more alarmingly, have concluded that Canada is now a fully established communist country. That awakening, coming in 2023, is itself evidence of the tremendous social and political inertia that must be overcome in order to alert citizens to the extreme danger facing them, since Canada has been a communist country for several decades and longer.

Though socialism can be blamed for Canada’s current “sudden death syndrome,” the acceptance of this evil collectivism was neither “sudden” nor accidental. In the Orwellian year of 1984, Canada was already well on its way moving on from socialism to communism and its natural ally, fascism.

America’s political condition is no different. As in Canada, a broad lack of knowledge and understanding about all things political (as opposed to electoral) provides a fertile breeding ground for collectivism.

Still struggling with definitions – communism, socialism fascism, capitalism, Left, Right, etc. – too many are still being guided by a broken political compass based on a “political spectrum” which is a fiction created by the Left. A working political compass demands a true polarity of Left and Right (based on ideas, not on political parties) in order to enable large masses of people to philosophically align and move together in the Right direction.

An army of patriots running loose in a political forest with no critical sense of Left or Right is fighting a lost cause. They will inevitably end up fighting each other, which has been the history of politics especially on the Right. The definition of what it means to be on the “Right” – its understood values of individualism, freedom, capitalism – has been so distorted that being labeled “Right” is accepted as an insult by those who purport to uphold such values.

But given the degree to which Marxist Woke ideology has embedded itself into the political institutions and mechanisms of government, elections and voting through some democratic process no longer appear be a viable means to defend or regain freedom and individual rights.

It’s a startling revelation to discover that freedom has never been won through any democratic process. This explains why the Left continues to preach “democracy” so loudly while practicing tyranny. Unrestricted “majority rule” is always a direct path to the tyranny of the Left.

In the choice between ballots or bullets, more and more people are approaching an apocalyptic realization that some kind of military solution to America’s tyranny may end up being the only one that’s Just Right.

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