Oct 052023

Canada’s unconscionable support of the most corrupt and evil regime on the planet – Ukraine – is consistent with its federal parliament having unanimously given two standing ovations (on September 22) to one of the most evil Nazi war criminals on the planet – Yaroslav Hunka.

So why is the Canadian parliament now pretending to be so embarrassed about honoring this Nazi, while simultaneously speaking with moral righteousness and pride about honoring another Nazi – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy?

More significantly, why is Canada so determined to support an openly Nazi regime responsible for unspeakable and reprehensible acts of murder terrorism and torture in Ukraine for many years now?

Our guest Salim Mansur offers a deeply uncomfortable response to these questions, forcing a discussion of one of the most taboo subjects anywhere. Taboo, because the reality of “Jewish Nazis” has become universally denounced as a contradiction in terms, and there are interests who want to keep that myth alive. As a safe haven for thousands of unvetted Nazis since the end of WW2, Canada is home to many of these interests, which explains much of the motivation behind Trudeau’s hatred of the Russians.

When Putin originally announced that he intended to “de-Nazify Ukraine” he was being quite literal and precise about the nature of the conflicts there. If Salim’s prediction that Putin will soon be “flinging the evidence (of Nazi criminality) in the face of the Western world” should come to pass, then the next move to take that would be Just Right is to “de-Nazify Canada.”

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  One Response to “831 – Canada’s Nazi parliament—always Russian for cover | Salim Mansur”

  1. Excellent discussion. It isn’t just Ukraine that has a problem with corruption. The U.S., Canada, E.U./NATO also have a problem with corruption.
    It is no secret that that in spite of the U.S.s’ saying that it detest bribery of local officials in other countries and has a law on the books to punish people who go overseas in order to bribe others into silence, that the U.S. constantly doing business with corrupt politicians, Oligarchs, non-profits etc.
    The U.S. is drawn to corruption people because those people are the ones who will do whatever they have to in order to get what they want. The U.S. is instinctively repulsed by people of principle. That is why it hates Viktor Orban of Hungary and Putin. Unlike the West, the Russians don’t rely on propaganda and personal smears in order to win nor have they ever been known to assassinate a political leader.
    Everything that comes from the mouths of Putin Lavarov a d Zarakhova is historically true. They are masters of sarcasm, which is a character trait of people who have superior intelligence. Putin can stand and talk for hours extemporaneous on any subject that is brought up. He isn’t a sadist or narcissist like Trudeau is.
    The real Nazis are literally the West and in Western institutions such national governments, education, E.U. etc.

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