Mar 132024

Could you be a ‘political atheist’ without even knowing it?

Political atheists are those who have either completely lost their faith in what they believed to be the democratic system, or never had such faith in the first place. Unfortunately, most of these people tend to be found on the Right.

Unlike those on the Left who remain eternally and consistently politically active and therefore monopolize the electoral process, too many on the Right remain uninvolved in any meaningful political process. They may vote during elections from time to time, but even then, they end up voting for candidates of the Left – the Leftist they consider to be the ‘lesser of a given number of evils.’ Even when a true identifiable freedom candidate of the Right is on the ballot, most ‘right-wingers’ still vote Left: “He’ll never get elected.”

And then there are those who never vote or never participate in politics whatsoever. Taken together, these voters and non-voters alike can be considered to be ‘political atheists’ in that they really have no faith in the possibility that anything positive can result from politics. Given the zeitgeist of the day, this is an understandable, though false, belief.

The one reality about politics that no one can escape is the fact that even if you’re not interested in politics, politics is always interested in you. Those who regard themselves as ‘apolitical’ are in fact no less political than any political zealot. Being ‘apolitical’ is just another political ideology.

There are now calls for destroying all elements of the democratic voting process, the abolishment of political parties, and the establishment of variant forms of ‘direct democracy’ and proportional representation. None of these suggestions can possibly lead towards a free society and will always lead towards tyranny.

Despite all the flaws and incidents of election fraud associated with our current general process of electing representatives, there is no need to change the system in any fundamental way; what needs to be changed is how voters cast their ballots.

Yet, more and more people are asking why we keep getting the most corrupt people in government. The reason is self-evident: Because a majority of voters voted for them. Why does nothing change for the better? Because the people voted in are the same people who were in government during a previous administration.

Is there a political solution that can move us in the Right Direction – towards freedom instead of away from it? Yes there is. We can elect people who aren’t corrupt and whose parties and platforms support individualism, freedom, and capitalism.

But instead of voting responsibly, many ‘atheist voters of the Right’ now want to change the entire democratic structure in a delusional expectation that this can possibly change how people vote.

None of them want to accept the responsibility for supporting all of the corruption through their otherwise imperfect but adequately functioning electoral system. So instead of blaming themselves, they blame the system. They’re blaming an ‘object’ (the given electoral system or process), instead of the nation’s subjects.

There’s a simple political solution to ending our tyrannical zeitgeist but for most it is not an easy one. The perpetual struggle for freedom requires an established means of eternal vigilance which requires political parties and individuals committed to that objective, not just during elections but most importantly between elections.

But as far as voting goes, the solution is as simple as this: Those on the Right must stop voting for Leftists and ‘lesser evils,’ and vote only for those candidates and parties they know are Just Right.

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