Apr 242024

The disdain and revulsion that many people have developed for politics is understandable. But a growing danger emanating from this attitude is the inability to conceive of any political solutions to our freedom dilemma, and to withdraw from the political process entirely.

This is particularly tragic for those on the political Right – the polarity of individualism, freedom, and capitalism – because most people who believe in these values have demonstrated little interest in politics. And to the extent that they do participate in the political process, they more often than not continue to support and vote for parties and candidates opposed to their values.

Most voters are so confused about politics that they still cannot tell Left from Right, a condition perhaps best described as political dyslexia.

In fact, the prevailing myth is that there is no difference between Left and Right, based on the mistaken assumption that political parties like Canada’s Conservative Party and America’s Republican Party are on the ‘Right’ when they are actually as Leftist as their liberal and democratic counterparts.

Consider the political awakening of Rosanne Barr who, in a recent discussion with Russell Brand, described her 2012 candidacy for president as leader of the Green Party as “socialist.” Remarkably, she associated “freedom of speech, civil rights, self improvement through education, and individual rights” with socialism and the Left.

“Now the Left is just a fascist structure,” she concluded after witnessing the Greens and the Democrats alike oppose each of the values she had associated with those parties. “It may have always been that way but I didn’t perceive it that way. I had that thing that Leftists have: that make believe happy world ideology where you don’t really see how fascist you are. I didn’t realize all that stuff about the Left until I left the Left.”

Certainly a step in the Right direction, but like so many who have “left the Left” Rosanne still has not discovered the Right – because it is nowhere to be found in the established political parties.

After years of voting for the lesser of a given number of evils, voters have finally gotten what they voted for – a political accumulation of more evils that they can count. But even so, many of these evils were once perceived as the good, again illustrating the dyslexic mentality in which politics is engaged.

The political crisis has deteriorated to the point where it has come down to having to choose between ‘ballots or bullets’ – which only means that after the ‘bullets’ have stopped flying, a return to ‘ballots’ will once again become necessary.

Consider the maxim: “You may not be interested in politics, but politics is always interested in you.”

It is the true Right’s lack of involvement in the political process that has opened the floodgates of political power to the Left . The cure begins with objectively learning and understanding the language of politics in an effort to cure the prevailing political dyslexia. Only then will people be able to see the light at the end of the political tunnel.

Unless more people who truly value the fundamental principles of a free society become politically active, the trend towards tyranny will continue unabated – and this will not bode well for anyone who is Just Right.

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