May 292024

Socialism is promoted by most of its supporters as a compassionate ‘redistribution’ of wealth, when in fact socialism isn’t compassionate at all. The truly remarkable thing about socialism is that it has a 100% failure rate when it comes to improving the lives of those living under socialism. Yet its popularity persists.

That’s because socialism is a pyramid scheme that appears to benefit the first generation of people who adopt it – at the cost of future generations who receive no benefits but must pay all the costs. Ours is that future generation.

For example, the photo accompanying this post illustrates just one instance of how socialism looks in London Ontario in 2024. Drug addicted and homeless people clutter the streets everywhere. Scenes like this were unthinkable only a few years ago.

The Canadian Press recently reported on the results of a poll in which one third of Canadians approve of Medical Assistance In Dying (MAID) for homeless people. That so many people would approve of killing the homeless is tragic evidence of how deeply the Left’s death cult has taken root. And as we have been learning, MAID is far from being a guarantee of painless death: As observed by Kelsi Sheren in her conversation with Jordan Peterson: “MAID is a terrifying way to die.”

Similarly, socialism is a terrifying way for societies and cultures to die. As an ideological variant of the Left, the ugly truth about socialism is that it is simply another death cult. History has repeatedly demonstrated this and still, in light of this knowledge and experience, millions around the world continue to proudly call themselves socialists.

The antidote to socialism is capitalism, but most fear to acknowledge this because capitalism is Just Right.

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