Jun 052024

As our guest earlier this year on February 21, Ches Crosbie stressed that “the (censorship industrial complex) must be eliminated before the truth about ‘vaccine’ injuries reaches enough people and a proper reconciliation can be pursued.” He was then speaking on behalf of Canada’s National Citizens Inquiry and it is now becoming apparent that his was no mere ‘armchair’ observation.

Ches joins us again today to update us on some potentially significant developments, one concerning efforts to pursue a proper reconciliation regarding vaccine injuries and the necessity of compensation for the victims, and the other on countering the censorship complex with new voices of opposition.

“That we are subject to pandemics at all is ‘the’ greatest lie,” asserts the former leader of the official opposition in Newfoundland. While calling for the Canadian government to consider a ‘no fault’ compensation program for victims of vaccine injuries, he additionally asserts that it is more important to have criminal proceedings undertaken against those responsible for the damage. In assessing public support for such action he notes that the public’s “pendulum is swinging and it’s swinging with a lot of force.”

On the free speech front, Ches has announced that beginning on July 1, a new two hour national daily talk show hosted by Randy Taylor will begin on its mission of talking about “true things.” Introduced during a time when the Canadian and US governments have launched all-out attacks against media outlets that offer facts and truth to their audiences, it may prove to be a rather risky and adventurous undertaking.

But when it comes to talking about “true things,” we welcome the prospect of sharing the honor of being Just Right with as many voices as possible.

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