Jun 122024

The belief that Left and Right have become useless labels has been utterly destructive to those on the Right.

Expressing a recognition that conservatives and liberals have become a ‘uni-party,’ many on the Right have falsely operated on the assumption that, for example, Republicans represent the Right and Democrats represent the Left. The sad fact is that, just as ‘Republicans in name only’ (RINOs) are not Republicans, so too many on the right ‘wing’ are ‘Right in name only.’ Or in other words, their ideologies are Left.

How did this misconception of Left and Right arise?

That Republicans and Democrats sit in ‘opposition’ to each other leads most to believe that the split between them is ideological – Left versus Right. But the real ‘split’ is about power, not about ideology. (This principle also applies to parliamentary governments, where there is an ‘official opposition’ yet with little or no ideological difference to the ruling party.)

Complicating matters for the Right are all the right ‘wing’ manifestations associated with the Right. Conservative, libertarian, anarchist, far right, extreme right, center right, alt-right, Nazi, and of course, ‘fascism’ which is entirely an ideology of the Left.

This makes understanding the distinction between Left and Right all the more critical.

The fact that there are no governing parties on the Right does not mean that the ideologies of Left and Right have become the same. The political polarity associated with tyranny is called the Left. The political polarity associated with freedom is called the Right, not to be confused with the right ‘wing’ that is flying in every political direction.

As Isabel Paterson always warned, when we speak of government, “Force is what is governed.”

Both Left and Right are competing polarities with regard to the legal use of physical force. The Left requires the use of initiatory force for whatever it wants to do – from providing ‘social benefits’ to locking up political prisoners. The Right – the ideologically true Right – restricts itself to the use of defensive and retaliatory force in the protection of life, liberty and property.

Until enough people come to recognize the fundamental nature of political polarities in a way that’s Just Right, no number of right ‘wing’ parties will be able to prevent or stop Western society’s tragic drift into the tyranny of the Left.

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