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“Is Europe turning far right?” That question is being asked by many commentators both in social media and in the mainstream media itself. Concluding that the the recent results in the European Union parliamentary elections represent a “conservative Red wave and a move to the Right,” expectations are high that the tide of tyranny is finally reaching an end.

Aside from the inconvenient fact that conservatism is associated with the color blue, and not red, one can never be certain what values most people associate with the Right. The same uncertainty presents itself regarding the association of conservatives, libertarians and Objectivists with the Right. One of the problems with the terms Left and Right is that to most people, these terms are not associated with definitive ideas but simply represent political opposition.

It’s safe to say that virtually all those on the Left are globalists, even if they are unaware of that term. They idealize a ‘nation-less’ world as some kind of utopia, utterly oblivious to the horrifying reality of that idea. Disappointingly (and surprising to some), conservatives, libertarians, and even Objectivists have many representatives and factions promulgating Leftist objectives and ideals, particularly globalism and an end to the sovereignty of nations.

Consequently, you can never be sure whether any of these individuals and groups are on the Left or Right until you understand their specific views and policies as measured against the understood and correct principles of each polarity.

‘Red’ or ‘Blue,’ whether that wave is truly moving in the Right direction is a question that can only be resolved when the wave reaches the shore of national governance.

When the Left constantly berates anything Right as being ‘far,’ ‘extreme,’ or whatever, the objective is to destroy the very concept of being Right. To the extent that they can get enough people to believe that being Just Right is simply not possible, the Left will continue to win the information war even in the midst of a ‘Red wave.’

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