Jul 032024

“The case of Julian Assange symbolizes how bankrupt the West has become,” says Salim Mansur. He also warns that, in the rise of an Anglo-American empire, there can be no republican values.

Translated, that means that individual rights and freedom do not exist in empires and that freedom of speech represents a deadly threat to empires because they are of necessity based on lies.

In referring to the criminal trials of Julian Assange, it must be emphasized that it is the trials themselves that were criminal, not any proven allegations against Julian Assange. His ‘crime’ was to shine a light on the empire of lies.

Among the greatest of those lies were the narratives contrived to justify perpetual war. With an understanding that war depends on lies while peace depends on truth, the necessity of false narratives on the part of the war mongering ‘military industrial complex’ becomes self-evident.

How something as undemocratic as a ‘military industrial complex’ could have arisen within a democracy can partially be explained by learning that the original name of that complex was the ‘Military Industrial Congressional Complex.’ In other words, the democratic component of the complex appears to have been Congress itself, and the word ‘Congressional’ was duly removed to help conceal that association.

The false narratives were spread by what Donald Trump famously coined ‘the fake news media’ while those who revealed true narratives were subject to censorship and political imprisonment. Despite a past Supreme Court ruling that “a free press is intended to serve the governed, not the government,” it is clear that there is no longer a functional Fourth Estate dedicated to that task and responsibility.

Thankfully it appears that the rising influence of social media, combined with the falling influence of mainstream media, is having a positive effect towards creating a better informed citizenry. Independent journalism seems to be an ideal way to re-establish a Fourth Estate that serves the governed in a way that is Just Right.

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