Jun 202013

Fire Water


02:40 Fracking Environmentalists! blipverts, fiction as documentary, Gasland, Josh Fox, hydraulic fracturing, fracking, FrackNation, water on fire, Phelim McAleer, government regulations, private property rights
12:06 Oil’s Well That Ends Well: Gasland vs FrackNation, speculation, water chemicals, motivation, the real story, Leni Riesenstahl, Triumph Of The Will, Cinéma vérité, arrogance and snobbery, emotion instead of truth or fact, Gasland Oscar nominations, oil, pollution, environmentalism, private property
32:22 Words To Live Or Die By: trust, politics of I, morality of we, David Brooks, individualism, demoralization, words and phrases, communal words, individualistic words, moral terms, courage words, bravery, social science terms, governmentalization, moral awareness, moral culture, Briar MacLean, hero, cultural vocabulary
45:30 Trust Me – I’m Honest: fink, my generation, four horsemen, truth, beauty, honour (honor), verities, right and wrong, social metaphysics, definitions, honest people, reality the common denominator, reality check, fact, truth, honesty, lying, intellectual honesty, taking ideas seriously, selfish virtue, when lying is the honest thing to do, knowledge and choice, false guilt, law of identity 59:28 END

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