Oct 032013

Pillars of capitalism


00:07 Capitalism’s Floating Distractions: US budgetary crisis, Tom McInerney, socialism, capitalism, socialized medicine, health insurance, insurance premiums, Ponzi Scheme, currency inflation, economic markets, Obamacare, morality, argument from intimidation, ideology
24:53 The Price Is Metaphysically Right: Kevin Williamson, prices, central planning, socialism, price transparency, federally chartered cartel, credit-rating agencies, inflation
32:50 Tyranny Is Not Normal: Obamacare, Bill Clinton, socialism as reality, accepting one’s fate, complacency under tyranny, Adolf Hitler, tyranny as normal, the frog in the pot, Fabianism, history’s lesson, Soviet Union, complacency under tyranny, Douglas-Coldwell Foundation, Tommy Douglas, M J Coldwell, ominous parallels between NDP and socialist Nazi Germany and socialist Russia, normalcy is progressive, progressive conservative parties, greed and security, Sunday shopping, collective slavery
45:32 A Real Ass Hat: Was Hitler evil?, passing moral judgment on character, parameters of judgment, ad hominem attacks, Obama an evil ass hat 57:41 END

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