Oct 172013


00:07 Morality’s Public Barometer – Money: US debt ceiling, moral crisis, Pope Francis, pope attacks global economic system, men and women – not money, Vatican Bank, money, wealth, poverty, people before profit, study wealth not poverty, Jeffrey Sachs, Millennium Villages Project, quest to end poverty, wealth is is a human creation, poverty fighters, wealth is production
21:45 Flawed Thinking About Flawed Politicians: voting, flawed political candidates, redistributing the wealth, no honest politicians, free enterprise, solving poverty
34:53 Mything The Point Of The Tea Party: tarred and feathered, Boston Tea Party December 16 1773, not taxes but representation, a struggle for democracy, American founders were men of enlightenment, taxation without representation, the greater tyranny, a historical footnote – 1776
51:05 From Tea Party To Tar Party: modern Tea Party founding, masses think they’re ‘Paul’, philosophical revolution not yet probable, ignorant rabble, altruism vs egoism, looking for a real Tea Party 58:58 END


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