Dec 052013

Pope Francis


02:48 Francis Frank About Capitalism: Evangelii Gaudium, Pope Francis’ ‘Joyful News’ on politics and the economy, attack on capitalism and Western values, calls for sacrifice and government intervention, Mother Theresa and suffering, consumerism, blaming capitalism for poverty
09:53 Frank About Francis: unfettered capitalism, mixed economy, distribution of income, quoting Pope Francis, prosperity breeds generosity – not the reverse, faith against capitalism, idolatry of money, reality’s dominion, medium of exchange – currency, the pope advocates violence and theft, ‘not sharing is stealing’, philosophy of the arbitrary
29:57 $hocking Profit$: London hydro bill breakdown, profit and price, electricity pricing, electricity billing, Heinz ketchup and profit, price of labour
42:01 Up-Front Back-Room Politics: municipal council meetings, Ontario ombudsman, Billy T’s, ethics and democracy, group diversity requirement, blocking voting blocs, Andre Marin, complaint system replaces rule of law, complaints or complainants?, transparent process, assuming the role of the voter, ‘open government’ 58:06 END

  2 Responses to “329 – Pope Francis frank about capitalism / Being frank about Francis / $hocking profits / Up front about back-room politics”

  1. I normally enjoy your show. I listened to the first ten minutes of this one and couldn’t listen to more. It made me sick to my stomach. What nonsense.

    Maybe you and your self-absorbed Ayn Rand “objectivists” will come up with a plan to take over the responsibilities of feeding, clothing, housing, protecting, treating and educating the 100’s of millions that the Church helps every day, and has for decades and centuries. Let me guess, the Church should sell off all of her assets and “redistribute the wealth”? Or maybe NGOs backed by monstrous bloated bureaucracies? Or maybe a new tax to feed the poor administered by appointed officials?

    Francis has used his position to bring attention to an enormously complex problem that can not be solved by just saying “get a job”. 90% of the world lives in poverty, and many in horrible poverty. Ayn Rand’s childish, shallow, solutions are like an aspirin for terminal cancer.

    I guess this is where blind sycophancy inevitably leads. It should not in any way be a surprise Rand herself ended up a lonely welfare recipient in her last years.

    I am a capitalist and unlike many who espouse the idea, I have lived that life. It’s very hard, at times terribly painful and many difficult sacrifices must be made. And that’s an understatement. I seriously doubt you understand what I mean unless you have been there. Ayn Rand and her followers are almost always just groupies and never players. Capitalism only works in Western society. A society built on Christianity. Your lack of understanding and respect of how we got to where we are now is telling. Your mindless, contemptible, ill-founded criticisms of the Pope are proof you chug the Rand kool aid. I will pray for you.

  2. It appears you put a good amount of effort in formulating your response to me. I’m flattered that you took that time to address my spontaneous thoughts. Odd though that mine apparently are so ill-founded they warranted any reply at all.

    I too will take some time to elaborate on my thoughts. I will listen to your show in its entirety and get back to you.

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