Dec 192013

Go to jail


00:07 No Monopoly On Hating Capitalism: Parker Brothers board game Monopoly, capitalism and monopoly, capitalism and ethics, “Capitalism is like an unfair game of monopoly”, Goldwin Emerson, free enterprise, the Game of monopoly
15:20 Boards Of Ethics: Monopoly’s vs Capitalism’s: socialist-minded ethics, equality vs justice, parenting, emotional indulgence, profit and loss, socialist system, monopolies created by governments, outlawing capitalism in space, Communist China lands a rover on the moon, homestead principle, no sovereignty in space?
27:30 The Ethics of Terraforming: terraforming Mars, no life on Mars, bio-centrists, David Suzuki says he is no different than a slug, UN outer space treaties, prohibiting terraforming, hatred of man and life itself is the motivation, altering nature is Man’s nature, private space ventures, asteroid mining, China’s lunar rover, United Nations vs space exploration
44:49 Mitigating Marxism In The Classroom: feedback Public education system, Emily Noble – Canadian Teachers’ Federation president and executive on council of Canadian Labour Congress, Communist Party of Canada labour activists, communist roots of the Teachers’ Federation, Marxist agenda of public school system, feedback from teacher, social studies and science studies are ‘disturbing’, teacher’s dilemma, mitigating the damage, personal happiness first 55:51 END


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