Feb 062014

Freedom Party Opposition Budget


00:07 : Logan’s Runaway from balancing the budget Guest: Paul McKeever – Leader, Freedom Party of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne’s budget, Drummond Report, Balancing the Ontario Budget, end of life care, lethal injections to balance the budget, Tim Hudak chimes in
16:34 : Budging the budgetary elephant: health care’s share OHIP – competition and choice not privatization, taxes, HST, the price of OHIP, health care vouchers, all-day kindergarten, Ontario clean air benefit, opting out of OHIP, Canada Health Act compliance, CAA (Canadian Automobile Association) all candidate’s debate exclusion of Freedom Party candidate Erin Goodwin
34:10 : Maximum denial behind minimum wages Union representation, Ontario minimum wage rise, the relationship between employment and minimum wage laws, the German example, the economic smell test, well-meaning? Kathleen Wynn not sorry for job losses, immorality of minimum wage laws, guaranteed poverty, the employer’s role
51:25 : They do it on purpose minimum wages are designed to hurt the economy, politicians succeeding, beneath our contempt, the evil nature of those who advocate minimum wages, asking Satan to stop sinning, the joke’s on us 57:34 : End

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