Feb 202014



00:07 Sherlock Holmes: A real character: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes copyright expiry, Chicago copyright decision on character vs story, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Holmes, Elementary
12:15 Some Elementary philosophical contradictions: Elementary with Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu, Elementary’s philosophical confusion, Ayn Rand, moral relativism, black and white vs grey, Aristotle, invisible hand of the market
32:53 Olympic Olym-picks: Olympic controversies, scoring competitions, Olympic memories, Olympic politics, $50 billion Sochi Olympics, amateur athlete, performance enhancing drugs
48:47 Political games or athletic games?: opportunity for protest, Islamists, security costs, 1936 German Olympics, Jessie Owens, opening ceremonies, spectacle, athlete or country?, collective pride, political wrapper or sports wrapper? 58:15 END

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