Feb 272014



00:07: What’s killing American health care? Guest: Rituparna Basu (Ayn Rand Institute), health care contrasts: Canada and United States, American health insurance, no health care free market in America, Obamacare (Affordable Care Act), WWII wage and price controls, tax advantage through employer health insurance, disease killing American health care, single-payer health care, Canadians using American health care system, Canada Health Act, universal health care
13:34: What’s killing Canadian health care? Conservative Party history of socialized medicine in Canada, fear of defending free market health care, individual right to not be his ‘brother’s keeper’, ethics of socialized health care, universal health care vs helping the poor, affording expensive health care, getting real value for your health care dollars, long history of controlling health care in America, fascism or socialism, confusing health care with its financing, socialized medicine ok for ‘health care’ not for sick care
28:12: From socialized medicine to socialism: Canada already socialized, freedom needed to improve health care, stifling innovation through government control, all progress made possible by human minds working to succeed, health care insurance or just free health care?, free market rewards the right behaviours, Americans and Canadians: foreign perceptions of each other’s health care system, a doctor ‘brain drain’?
44:02: Personal pain – Universal sufferage: Tommy Douglas, public resistance to private health care options, United Kingdom’s National Health Service set as Canada’s ideal, suffering together – no dignity in suffering, state rationing in health care 54:51 END

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