May 012014

Paul Weston


00:07 Winston Churchill’s arresting words: Paul Weston arrested in UK for quoting Winston Churchill, Churchill’s quote, Guest: Paul Weston, Paul’s arresting story, charged with racism, victim perceptions, has Britain surrendered?, Islam, fear of Islam, denial of Islam’s political goals, freedom of speech, Islamophobia, police submission to Islam
13:20 Paul Weston’s arresting action: Guest: Paul Weston, Britain’s Bill of Rights (1689), First Amendment rights, Britain failing democracy and freedom of speech, two year sentence possible, court appearance, immunity from prosecution in court, public fear of speaking out
28:40 Torrent Terror? Copyright enforcement goes private: internet freedom, turning your personal computer (PC) into a public computer (PC), copyright process expensive, Robinson Crusoe, copyright trolls, using litigation to coerce payments, fines lowered for on-line copyright violations, Bill S-4 (Digital Privacy Act), no judicial oversight
41:50 Family Spam Plan: Canada’s anti-spam bill comes into effect July 1, fines for individuals: $1 million, fines for business/groups/associations: $10 million, family plan for spending spam, Enforcers: CRTC – Competition Bureau – Privacy Commissioner, obtaining consent to send ‘spam’ 53:34 END

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  1. Hi Bob, have you ever considered replacing your picture in the top banner with a SKYPE feed?
    Then people can watch you and Robert in action when they are on computer.
    Then watch your viewers and ratings increase.
    It’s been proven that as long as people have something to focus on with their eyes, you make it much more interesting for them and they stick around longer.
    Don’t know the intricacies in hooking it up but it might even be easy??
    Just a thought.

    Cheers, Robby

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