May 152014

Freedom Party of Ontario


00:07 Pulling the plug to avoid the shock: Freedom Party Candidates in London, Paul McKeever, Salim Mansur, Clare Maloney, Al Gretzky, pulling the plug on wind turbine and solar contracts, history of Ontario’s electricity price woes, Trillium vs Ontario, no penalty to cancel green-energy contracts, gas plant move penalties, Lawrence Solomon’s view on cancelling contracts, the environmental penalty
14:39 Jobs Jobs Jobs – Tim Hudak’s 1,000,000 – 100,000 Jobs Plan: 100,000 job losses equals 100,000 severance packages or 100,000 lawsuits, the other side of the job cut promise, TTC expansion costs, nuclear reactor replacement costs, Hudak getting back at the teachers’ unions, lack of trust, corporate welfare
28:49 Trust Me, I’m A Politician: John Robson – Hudak vs an empty suit, purple Tory, Progressive Conservative history of tax and spend, 1 million jobs for half a million people, Freedom Party stealing votes?, who owns your vote?
45:00 Stealing votes – owning votes – earning votes: Erin Goodwin for the Freedom gang, Al Gretzky earning votes or stealing votes? can you waste a vote? earning a vote without fraud or misrepresentation, trusting liars, the Freedom Party strategy in London, the 5% solution, I’m voting for Freedom Party, London is the spearhead, FPO’s social media success 60:00 END

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