Aug 142014

Israel Flag


00:07 Jew-ish: anti-Semitism, ancient roots of tribalism, roots of hatred, the Christ, World War 2 anti-Semitism, strange beliefs, taking sides on Hamas vs Israel, left sides with Hamas, Gaza and Israel – contrasting cultures, anti-capitalism, media taking sides, Canadians siding with Hamas, Israel in the right
17:55 Relatively Green Party: Green Party of Canada, Elizabeth May, anti-Semitism, moral relativism, party of principles, Hamas vs Israel, Green Party’s six global values, Paul Estrin resignation from Green Party
29:30 Blood suckers / Legally unborn: Ontario blood supply, banning of payments to blood donors, tragedy at Costco, legally unborn, personhood, when rights begin and accrue, London grieves Addison Hall and Rhiannon, grief’s dilemma
43:30 Happiness is a warm sum: happiness, sadness, depression, a measure of happiness, measuring happiness, expectations, stimulus and response, Britain’s Great Brain Experiment, happy studies make happy policymakers 53:45 END

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