Aug 072014

Big Bang Theory


00:07 TV trend – binge watching: television binge watching, Jim Slotek – five points for and against binge watching, major television viewing trend, TV series – early endings, TV finales, limited series
19:50 Dead enders – New ender: TV series – bad endings – no endings, How I Met Your Mother, Dexter, Lost, Newhart, Recommended viewing – Hogan’s Heroes, Did Shultz really know nothing, my own Hogan’s Heroes finale
32:15 Binge Bang Theory: Recommended viewing – The Unusuals, Recommended viewing – Moonlight
43:45 Big bucks theory: Recommended viewing – The Big Bang Theory, don’t fix it don’t nix it, Television star salaries – history and stats, syndication, money for nothing 57:08 END

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