Jul 312014

seaQuest electronic commercial message


00:07 Power grab: Ontario Ombudsman, London city council, Billy Ts, open meeting laws, power grab, hydro rate increase, flat rate hydro, smart meters, supply and demand for electricity
13:40 Forget me ought: anti-spam legislation, Canadian business reacts to spam laws, CASL, crony favouritism, spam law beneficiaries, European Court of Justice, internet search providers, suppressing offending links, on line reputation, deleting the past
29:01 None sum: Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, the nones, religious demographics, religious choices, belief in God, social issues, religious and secular
40:55 Polar expedition: superstition, Pope Francis, exorcism, bible, allegory, the devil, literalism, traditional world view, modern world view, postmodern world view, polarization, reason, principle and politics 53:07 END

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