Oct 162014

Beverly Hillbillies


00:07 London’s sElectors: a progressive agenda is a spending agenda, a worrying election, a divided council, debate, progressive interests driving the electors candidate options, Kingsmills, political connections – naming the groups and individuals pushing their agendas, Emerging Leaders, Urban League, Women and Politics, Citizen Core, Pillar Non-Profit Network, Fanshawe College Foundation, London Economic Development Corporation, candidate connections, candidate debate sponsors
15:05 Middle class muddle: Aristotle, democracy, middle class, Justin Trudeau says middle class is disintegrating, Canada vs US middle class, middle class as an election issue, clashing definitions, changing attitudes on the middle class, somewhere between rich and poor, government class
30:20 Poverty Trapped: Poverty Trapped: poverty, London-Middlesex Housing Corporation, Joan Ball, no specifics, public-private partnerships, waiting lists, Paul Cheng, no solutions, jobs, unemployment
44:20 Poverty plans – a poverty of solutions: Poverty plans – a poverty of solutions: poverty, social housing, no incentive to work, community strategies, governments in debt, welfare, minimum wages, universality, central planning, personal income tax, housing 56:22 END

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