Dec 042014

Mike Brown


00:07 Black and white in Ferguson: right and wrong in Ferguson, police shooting of Michael Brown, racist liberal solutions, interracial violence crime in the US, grand jury verdict on Brown-Wilson, security cameras, eye witnesses, deep distrust of American justice system, color not character
15:40 From victim culture to culture victims: civil unrest, protest, riot, victims as martyrs, rule of law rules, media coverage of Ferguson riots, black vs white violence
21:50 Knowledge test: facts vs knowledge, absolute knowledge, knowledge requires a knower, God and the law of causality, purpose and knowledge, four dimensions, facts, theories, knowledge as personal, unknowable, knowledge of non-existents, facts and fiction
44:30 Change due: changing what is to what might be, no change change, London municipal council, London Plan, no ideological rift, revenue problem or spending problem 56:47 END

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