Dec 182014

Lost in Space


00:07 Condolences: Enoch Powell was right, far right, opposition to open immigration, BBC socialist broadcasters, racist label, socialist pyramid schemes, de-population bomb, social safety net, opening immigration to fund socialism, cultural clashes, failure by design, a history of British immigration, 1969 Enoch Powell’s Rivers of Blood speech, domination over assimilation
14:35 Taboo: resisting the racist label, taboo topics, the ghost of Enoch Powell, Muslims in isolation, Muslim ghettos in London England, Islam as a social virus, Islamist record of violence, unfathomable ignorance of left wing media, a call for no immigration from Muslim countries, absolute values and judgements, death cults
26:58 God of the machine: something for nothing, studying poverty, not studying wealth, psychology of self-destruction, unearned power, politicians and the lust for power, robbing Peter to pay Paul, capitalism, the god of the machine
51:30 Poverty of the machine: municipal social housing plans, Vancouver Downtown Eastside, poverty dominated by social services, wealth is a process 59:50 END

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