Jan 292015

Affirmative Consent


00:07 The ethics of hunting for sport: status of animals, recreational hunting, sports hunting, ethics of hunting, spectrum of animal life, private and government jurisdiction, animals in the wild, predator and prey, nature of the beast
GUEST: Paul McKeever – leader, Freedom Party of Ontario
12:10 Negative to affirmative consent: re-defining concepts, the issue is consent, history of affirmative consent concept, verbal not conduct, absence of coercion a moot point, reversal of onus, Wynne government to teach consent in schools, when yes does not mean yes, college and university standards, effect of the law, creating distrust, cultural Marxist agenda and the rape culture
34:25 Know about no: a revolutionary step – affirmative consent, reversal of onus – guilty until proven innocent, allegations of sexual assault against famous people, Cidra Ladd’s allegation against Cosby, focus on creating distrust in the trustworthy, allegations are all you need to destroy critical thought, changing the language, social alienation
45:40 Dinosaur concept: Womyn of Antioch, making consent a dinosaur concept, looking into the collectivist future, concept of date rape, allegers without cases, selling consent to the public, affirmative consent a legal minefield 59:37 END

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