Feb 192015

Salim Mansur


00:07 Seeking coherence on Islamist incoherence: Bill C-51, Canada’s role in Iraq, ISIS, Operation Impact, understanding the middle-east, transformation of Europe, 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, Just Right provides the proper discussion, are we at war, scales of war in history, a rational response with a rational explanation, armies and ideas in conflict, ISIS is a state in formation, containment
18:00 This is their fight: Who is winning the war, containment means that this is their fight, religion or governance, Is Bill C-51 a War Measures Act, conflicting cultures, science vs politics, 20th century Chinese revolution, emergence of democratic institutions, Islam in a massive theocratic upheaval, values of liberal democracy
32:00 Shifting attitudes: High-speed internet current events news, court decision on face coverings during citizenship oaths, public ahead of the government, confusing religion with cultural customs, Sharia law, Indian Supreme Court decision, protecting belief but not practice, white man’s guilt and self-loathing
43:40 Elitist disconnect: Charlie Hebdo, Muslims not in agreement with terrorist actions, sleeper cells and fifth columns, some unknown facts about the Charlie Hebdo killings, French colonial guilt, distorted the view of liberal, back to the collective, away from reason, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, Koran says no compulsion in religion, selling arms to Saudi Arabia 56:58 END

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