Mar 052015



00:07 Leonard Nimoy’s Legacy: death of Leonard Nimoy, Star Trek, Mr Spock, art and culture, Anne Francis, stories and legacies, a brief review of Leonard Nimoy’s career, pop culture, William Shatner
16:10 On death and immortality: Leonard Nimoy, Peter Falk, actor vs character, H L Mencken, death, immortality, cultural progress, William Shatner back as Kirk, afterlife
29:50 Art’s affecting effect: William Shatner’s epiphany, Star Trek affecting others, affecting culture, multi-racial vs multi-cultural, legislation – education – art, culture clashes, affecting the future after life, Star Trek – the philosophical frontier
42:00 So what’s your story? connecting the dots between facts and events, London’s Strategic Plan 237, affirmative hiring, Maureen Cassidy, the twelve words, gender politics, using numbers to distract from the story 55:48 END

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