Mar 122015



Topics: 00:07 Out of focus – the allure of the irrational: thinking about thinking, paradoxes, focus on the meaning, contradiction means a nothing, meaninglessness, stands to reason, logic and reason, thinking requires effort and focus, being out of focus, laziness, immorality, rationality is morality, faith vs trust, concept formation
12:50 Ill logic: contradiction, irrationality in theoretical physics, irrational politics, irrational climate change theories, from the innocent to the criminal, processes of reason, scientific process, ele-mental logic
27:00 Contradiction’s contradictions: contradictions in fiction, real contradictions, Star Trek’s Odo and changelings, the impossibility of rock-ness, feedback from Doug, Star Trek contradictions
41:55 Very superstitious: Green Acres – contradiction as humour, H.L. Mencken’s rational superstitions, fabricating meanings to avoid understanding, contradictory capitalisms, concepts and civilizations, H.L. Mencken’s guardians of civilization 56:45 END

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