Jul 092015

Voyager 314


00:07 All truisms – from friendship to fellowship: Greek debt and referendum, organized thought and philosophy, ancient Greece’s religious secularism, personal philosophy, public philosophy, friendship, fellowship, altruism, European Union as Fellowship, lending and borrowing money, inalienable rights, love and lust
19:50 Compromise or con promise? from friendship to altruism, control and illusion, the compromise of compromise is the good, capitalism as the scapegoat, greed vs greed, predictability of consequences
39:40 Still Greek to Greeks – Democracy as Fellowship: ‘No’ vote in Greek referendum, Greece celebrates as Europe is outraged, Greeks buying euro currency as protection, organized thought in ancient Greece, religious secularism, state and religion
47:11 No-name religion? Angus Reid Internet-panel poll about religion in Canadian politics, Canadian court ban on prayer at public functions, religion vs tradition
58:21 END

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