Nov 052015

In God We TrustTopics:
00:07 Mission Just Right: co-host trust issues, WBCQ 5.110 MHz, Paul Lambert, American and Canadian culture, eternal issues of humanity
13:15 Smile when you say freedom: Marni Soupcoff’s Sunny Side of Liberty, vaping for freedom, pitfalls of selling freedom, partisan and non-partisan freedom movements
26:25 Busting the trust culture: GOP Debate – Ted Cruz, fourth estate, biased media, declining trust in the media, Democratic media, trust issues, trust but verify, how government can be trusted – according to its nature, moral and cultural relativism
44:00 Common trust: intuition as cognition, trust in the commons, cultures of mistrust, clergy, politicians, media 54:27 END – promo to 59:42

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