Dec 242015

Santa Bucks

00:03 Red Alert! – Santa Claus is coming to town: Santa Claus on the political spectrum, is Santa a socialist or a capitalist?, socialism’s monopoly on the spirit of giving, source of wealth, Santa as a generous capitalist, elves economics, needs vs wants, commercialism of Christmas, gifts valued and de-valued
14:30 Better to give than receive? preference to give, selfless giving vs selfish giving, the morality of giving vs receiving, presents not wanted, expectations vs actuality, personal Christmas depression, a brief history of Santa Claus, popular ideology and Santa, duty gifts, caller John, consumerism – bad or good, materialism, consumer societies vs producer societies, happiness on subsistence, gift entitlement
33:30 Naughty or nice: caller Don, Canada a free country, Canada a productive country, caller John, mercenary-minded profit motive, foolish commercialism, exploration of space vs wealth redistribution, Christmas tenant evictions, the coal issue, naughty or nice, Black Peter and the lump of coal, Christmas stresses, religious significance, the secularization of Christmas, Christianity’s appropriation of pagan ceremonies, annual celebrations of harvest, festival of the nativity, creation of myths, evolution of the myth of Christmas, a multiculturalist Christmas
53:00 Be sure to check the Santa clause: Santa a contradictory figure, working conditions of Santa’s elves, union busting at the North Pole, Christmas wishes
58:57 END — Promo to 59:42

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