Jan 072016


00:03 No great expectations: speculating on 2016 and beyond, 2013 Bill Whittle commentary
06:50 Expectation disintegration: promoting despair and malaise about the future, longing for a garden of Eden, human infallibility, the no hope philosophy, cultural nihilism, post-modernist culture, political narcissism, political trends, time to revolt against political correctness, distinguishing between society and the individual, achievements of past generations, teaching history as a continuum, deconstruction of values, cultural decontextualization, information – knowledge – wisdom, cultural stories, the cult of envy, destroying values to destroy differences, hatred of the good for being the good, tolerance of intolerance
31:45 Cultural fragmentation: Justin Trudeau, lost capacity to make reasonable judgements, Liberal Party platform, Trudeau as Canada’s hollow man, Trudeau the counter-intellectual, spirit of the times, one world government agenda, nation state concepts, using environmentalism as the means to defeat capitalism, defending or defeating human nature, multi-culturalism is the immigration crisis, cultural fragmentation
53:30 Our cause – freedom: personal-cultural-societal values, necessity of values for a freedom culture, values create Western culture 57:07 END — Promo to 59:42

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