Jan 212016

talking tree

00:03 Commune-Ism: resurgence of back-to-nature culture, rejection of modernity-reason-capitalism, Wicca culture, tribalism and the rejection of Western values, contrasting cultures and music of the late 1960s, Don Van Vliet, Captain Beefheart, Mel Tillis,
17:30 Natural harmonies: communing with nature, personification of nature, personification of ‘society’, technology’s communing with nature, ‘Nature to be commanded must be obeyed,’ human nature
27:15 Profound questions: truth defined, truth predates human history, feedback from Murray, same facts – different conclusions, how can we know the truth, knowledge vs belief, philosophy and epistemology, accusations of arrogance, metaphysics, a question of truth
44:25 Certainly true: Truth vs facts, causal modalities – first-material-efficient-final, search not for truth but for reality, John Macmurray on thought without purpose, knowledge for knowledge’s sake as a relapse into unreality, necessary significance and purpose of knowledge, divorcing knowledge from action, educate in reality, fear of being wrong, fact determines truth, the importance of clear definitions 59:40 End

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